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Carpets are one of the most popular home flooring materials throughout the world. They are comforting, classic, timeless, and elegant making them the best home investment. Nothing beats the flooring solution that carpeted floors provide.

Hence; at Elite Flooring Solutions, we offer a vast collection of stunning, cost-effective, and sophisticated carpet styles that will match the look that you’ve been searching for. Regardless of the design and performance that you’re trying to achieve or how heavy the traffic is, we have the right carpet solutions designed for your needs. Being in the business for 10 years, we are the #1 most requested carpet installer among our clients in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe, Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, Kansas City, Blue Springs, and Liberty.

Elite Flooring Solutions boasts a wide spectrum of carpet selections that can elevate the look of every room you have. We take pride in having the right fiber yarn construction that will tailor fit your business of home-specific interior design needs and foot traffic levels to make your unique vision a reality.

The Best Selection Of Carpet Style In Kansas City

Choosing the right carpet for your lifestyle is the secret to comfort and matching your lifestyle. Some aspects affect the value, superiority, class, and overall quality of a carpet. Some of these factors are the quality of materials, the kind of fiber yarn in construction, and even the amount of materials.

As a homeowner, these facets within each selection require some basic understanding for you to be able to get the best carpet style. Thankfully, you have a knowledgeable staff at Elite Flooring Solutions who will help you with this matter and help you select the right carpet style based on your activity levels, lifestyles, and requirements.

There is no doubt that carpet is one of the most inviting, coziest, and warmest flooring alternatives that you can choose. We pride ourselves on installing a huge selection of carpets that can accommodate your needs.

We specialize in carpet installation for your home and commercial spaces, Elite Flooring Solutions understands that you want only the best style, comfort, and durability that will fit any budget.

You can choose from the complete selection of brand names that have been established for many years. You can choose from a new selection of fibers such as silk, wool, nylon, and more!

Flooring Carpet Selection You Can Choose From

In selecting the ideal carpet style you need to consider the right combination of durability, performance, aesthetics, and budget. All of these will help you meet the needs of your daily lifestyle, level of activity, and the performance you want to achieve. Let our carpet flooring professionals assist you in installing the right carpet for your home. 

Our team of experts will help you find the ideal match for any room and provide you with the best carpet installation solutions in Kansas City!

Cut Pile Carpets

The most in-demand type of carpet to homeowners, cut pile carpet is built from loop yarns (strands) that have been sheared or cut. This only means that the fiber end is uncovered or exposed. The durability of cut pile carpet is normally determined through the type of tufts density, fiber used, and yarn twist.  

Typically, the heavier and tighter the twist is, the more durable and resilient the carpet will be. The main styles of cut pile carpets are Velvet, Textured, Plush, Saxony, Shag, Frieze, and Cable. Each style features its benefits and characteristics. 

You can count on our carpet flooring experts to help you choose the right cut pile carpet style that depends on the performance and lifestyle you want.

Here are some of the carpet styles that you can choose from to help you get started:

Loop Pile Carpets

This style of carpet does not include cutting the yarn tips of the manufacturing process. Instead, the carpet is made through a more continuous strand to make the loops visible. Loop yarns that have different heights can allow the manufacturer to craft diverse textures, patterns, and durability levels. 

The more twisted and tighter the loops are in making carpets, the more resistant they are to breaking easily. While loop pile carpets are considered more durable and multi-purpose carpets, this style makes it more vulnerable to pulled loops that can run through the entire carpet. Level Loop (Berber) and Multi-Level Loop (Textured or Patterned) are the main styles of loop pile carpets.

Cut and Loop Pile Carpets

A combination of cut and loop pile yarn fibers as the name implies. This cut-and-loop carpet can help manufacturers make a stunning range of textured and patterned carpet designs such as abstract and geometric. This style of carpet elevates the aesthetic appeal of a property and can conceal all impurities, dirt, and stains in a room.

Cut and loop carpet is the ideal choice in areas where traffic and activity level is high.

Choosing The Right Carpet Style Matters

Selecting the best carpet for your home installation can sometimes be tedious work. The selection process might require some deep understanding of the right combination of aesthetics, characteristics, and performance and must be within your budget to satisfy your level of comfort and lifestyle needs. Supreme carpets’ quality tends to have a higher stain protection level, tighter twist construction, and greater pile density which boost your overall carpet durability. 

The more you know about these carpet styles helps you to come up with a better and smarter carpet installation. Elite Flooring Solutions carpet experts will help you install the right carpet style based on your budget and lifestyle to elevate the natural curb appeal of your home or business space today!

Expert Carpet Installers

If you’re a homeowner in Kansas City or happen to be living in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe, Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, Kansas City, Blue Springs, and Liberty you know that finding the right flooring contractor can be an overwhelming task.

However, not all companies are created the same and it’s essential to partner with one that has both the extensive years of experience and expertise to meet your needs. 

That’s for your carpet flooring services, homeowners should only trust only the best in the industry—expert workmanship no other than Elite Flooring Solutions. With 10 years of experience, we are experts in installing stunning carpets that will last for many years – regardless of the carpet style or size of the project.

Top Reasons Why Carpet is the Number One Flooring Choice

Carpet comes with numerous benefits for your home office space and today we’ve made a rundown of several reasons why carpet is still the popular choice for flooring:


First off, a floor that has carpet installation is safer. The cushioned under-padding and soft surface are essential not only in reducing the impact of a fall but also in preventing it from happening in the first place. Naturally, carpet is slip-resistant, making it harder to slip or fall.

Sound Reduction

If you live in a busy property that has busy foot traffic, you know how loud hardwood or laminate floors might be. Carpets can suppress noise and lessen echoes and noise especially if you live in a condominium or apartment unit.


Carpet offers exceptional warmth underfoot which is a great choice for chilly bedrooms. Carpets are also good insulators. The combination of the under-padding and the carpet itself acts as an extra layer of insulation in your property.

Carpet Flooring, Flooring Contractor, Flooring Company, Elite Flooring, LVP Flooring

Ease of Care

Today, carpets are designed to be highly stain-resistant for easy cleanup. You can easily clean them using a damp cloth or vacuuming to make the carpet look as good as new again. Since carpets can trap dust, debris, and other allergens, they can also enhance the overall air quality in your property as long as they’re cleaned or vacuumed regularly.

Versatile In Style

Carpets come with a great selection of color schemes that you can choose from. You can also choose carpets in any style, pattern, and anything that you want. This makes carpet versatile as it can perfectly fit any design you have in mind.

Available at Low Cost

Typically, the cost of a carpet is way affordable compared to other types of flooring materials like hardwood, vinyl, etc. Even if you ask professional installers like Elite Flooring Solutions to install the carpet, it still tends to cost less than other types of flooring material.

If you’re in the market searching for a new floor installation then carpet flooring might be the one you are looking for!


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